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WHAT THE FUCK????????????????????????////////////////

I dont even........????

EXUSE ME>>>??!!

Bye Octavia you'll be missed just like every other epic character Yagi wasted in order to save his POS protagonist. :iconeyerollplz:

Byakuren have mercy on all our souls cos we're gonna need it :iconbyakurenplz:

At least I give Clare some credit here, she didn't let everyone else fuck off into traffic to save her useless ass while she sat around with Raki, she got her own ass back in gear even tho she is made of fail.  CYNTHIA DONT BE A HERO!   But this plot makes no goddamn sense :iconcryforeverplz:
oh my god I am gonna cry cos wat I dont even brain

I just

stop ruining my life Yagi, you monster

Why would Rafa even know this?  I dont get it...  explain plz did she communicate telepathically with *OMITTED* inside the blob or something, and Clare was too dumb to understand anything at the time?
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haven't had much time/energy lately.  WHen I have energy I might talk about SnK, Kill La Kill, GoT, and other stuff I am thinking about or watching lately, but my head is a complete blur.  I'm really sorry I have nothing useful to post here ATM i'm just reblogging old crap to my tumblr to make up for it >_<

tumblr is here in case you wondered, it sucks because I despise tumblr

Game of Thrones S4 is starting next week time to get hype~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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don't make me feel emotions and shit

NOT LIKE THIS :iconcryforeverplz:  GODDAMNIT!!!!11!!! Screw you Miria you deserved a fucking bigger punch than that!! OH GOD IT HURTS.

Ohhhh probably because you're a moron?  :iconmarisaohyouplz:  Whan have you ever used your head?

This bitch just wont fucking die, when she dies I will throw a party just like when Hysteria finally ate it.  Even if I have no investment left in this manga I want her to DIE PAINFULLY and stop being so DAMN BROKEN and ANNOYING and WASTING MY TIME. :iconfliptableplz:  EAT IT PRISSY.

And why... why is Isley teaching Raki how to kill Priscilla?  Why does he know this?  How many times did Isley even fight her, wasn't it only like that one time? 
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Also: Armin with the false flag operations and Levi/Hanji in Geneva Convention violations lol
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never have I been so tempted to delete something from a group
but that would be wrong or something according to my sense of logic and reason.
*cries*  I need an adult...  T_T  BBA have mercy on my weakened soul ಥ﹏ಥ

IDK though I think the only things I've deleted for serious 'moral' violations were possibly... I remember a fic that used adjectives like 'prepubescent' in an erotic scene and I deleted that for pedoshit, for obvious reasons.  Even if I find it gross I don't delete anything unless it's something across the board gross or illegal like rape or lolicon.  LOL why can't I be a horrible dictator, it would make life easy

P.S. in case someone takes this way too seriously, I am joking and I don't delete things for reasons of subjective personal squick.  But damn the squick is strong in this one.  I need a moment of brain bleach, brb
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I need to know if Yagi deigned to bait/throw a bone to yuri fans in any way shape or form.
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If you're attracted to men, actively seek out men to date or fuck, fall in love with or have intimate relationship with men, you're not a lesbian.  Lesbian means something, get your own label.  I thought people only pulled this crap on tumblr but now its like, everywhere.  I can't deal with it anymore.
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I have no idea what's going on, something just happened but it's like I feel nothing about it??? THIS IS ALL SO STUPID WHY????


*backflips into the sun* goodbye claymore goodbyeee

so much potential wasted, last chapter I checked into was actually really decent if you erased the rest of the plot from your mind, but this is more Prissy clusterfuck and literally no one cares. 




good thing I am drunk haha

hey remember me, mr. useless? That one guy once told me something that makes no sense haha making me super relevant for no reason haha hey remember me??? 

shut up Miria you have worn out your welcome already no one cares you are a big dumb, you enable Blobbypants and your esteem is forever tarnished.

Save Cynthiuma and Octavia and whoever decent is still alive, get them the fuck out of here and into a better manga.

I am just so angry we could have still had Riful and a good story and instead we have this bullshit that stopped making sense like 2 years ago (???) and a character who's had no personality or motivation for longer than that even.  Goddamn this stupid plot, there are so many things that could have been done better and it's such a waste of everything.  REBOOT

goddamn even if the whole story had been about Clarice and Miata it would be more fucking gripping than this.  Yagi has a master talent for making amazingly interesting side characters that are promptly discarded, sacrificed to make way for Prissy/Clare, or pushed into irrelevance.

Warning, it's been apparently like 5 chapters since I read up on this so I actually have no idea whats happening but the point is that it doesn't matter, I tuned back in for more pointless clusterfuck about boring ass pieces of shit lol

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Sorry that I haven't been able to draw.  Well, other than some scraps that are on tumblr that I didn't think were worth even posting here.  So I feel ashamed coming here with nothing to post :/

Things I've watched/read recently:
-Shoujo Kakumei Utena
-Adolescence Mokushiroku
-Oyasumi Punpun
-Nijigahara Holograph (also by Asano Inio, author of Oyasumi Punpun)
-still reading Aku no Hana
-read a bit of Homunculus
-Saving Face (cute movie)
-Fingersmith (2 part BBC... movie...thing?)
-Milk Closet (read later volumes; wtf?)

Utena, Oyasumi Punpun and Nijigahara Holograph all had a great impression upon me, though I'd be hard pressed to explain exactly what that impression is.

Probably will watch Mawaru Penguindrum soon.

the tumbles
my animu list
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If you donated a premium account... you know who you are

I hope I can post things that are worthy of your gift and properly utilize it m(._.)m

I had hoped to have more time to speak with people individually and properly... this week was kind of stressful with holidays at work, and me feeling really tired and worn out and anxious most of the time.  Basically I spent xmas day with :iconmaarika: because it was the only day I had off.

I'm so overwhelmed and I want the mental space and safety to draw something halfway decent to show my thanks for everyone :iconcryforeverplz: 
Anyone experienced this?


SPOILERS in this liveskype convo if you want minor spoilers…

Goddamnit Shinbo.


** ugh my paid account only lasts 2 more weeks, I should change my name before that happens but I dont know ????
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I worked a week without stopping, and have otherwise been asleep in bed with illness, and what is going on with you people, any new drama???

SPOILERS if you care.

What I got:
Eren is pissed and wants to kill Reiner, no shit.  Never saw that coming...
Historia is a badass, outs herself (as Historia, pretty sure they already figured out how gay for Ymir she is) and wants to go outside the wall and do stuff (no shit, her girlfriend is there)
Erwin is kind of a weirdo???
Sasha still likes potatoes
TITANS ARE MADE OF PEOPLE yeah we knew this uh huh
Levi and whoever else apparently is aware that Historia knows stuff
ummm what else
Mikasa doesn't care for her own health, surprise
Eren may have been cosplaying Cleaning Levi
Horses are extremely derpy looking this chapter

really nothing happened that you wouldn't have expected, this was kind of a 'standing around talking' recap/setup chapter. :/

I feel really anti-social.
If you don't understand the context, well.... too bad, spoilers.  (if you want the context I'll link you, but you have to have read past chapter 47/48 or so, or not care about huge spoilers for SnK)

I like Bert and Connie's reactions.  Bert's all 'dafuq, is this bitch high?!' and Connie doesn't know whether to be terrified or slightly aroused.

Krista is 1000% the best.  OF ALL TIME.  I might pass out...

sweet mother of byakuren dat yumikuri :iconmotherofgustaplz:
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???  Eren wasn't the original protagonist, it was... proto-Ymir??? :iconsupermindblownplz2:

does that explain why he sucks so hard, cos he was shoved in at the last minute to make the obligatory shitty shounen MC who needed to be male too b/c money or something or am I just really cynical, or is he just not very well thought out in comparison b/c Isayama had the Ymir prototype for a lot longer?

Sorry but no one will ever convince me he is anything but a shitty boring character who is only tolerable because his shittiness is written well enough under the circumstances.  And it has nothing to do with his gender, since pretty much any character male or female in this series is more interesting than Eren, Bertholdt is more interesting and the dude is nothing but dead weight.*

*I gotta say though I don't really have a specific good reason, but I'm kind of tentatively on Team Bert rt now.  He sucks as a person for the most part cos he has no spine, but I think he has some strange promising quality that will blossom in the future.  Plus he likes Annie so he has good taste.
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50 spoilers


also some guy died horribly and some other stuff and titans and things

I still don't totally get people unironically rooting for the MC over all else, when he is clearly psychotic and just about everyone we encounter in the manga has some shades of gray/mixed morality.  P. sure we will find out something later like the titan shifters aren't really 100% bad (we already know BRA were all brainwashed and have major mental problems, look at fracking Bertholdt in this chapter, he's scared out of his damned mind)  I just... don't get people
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You people who have approved YumiKuri, but remained silent

Name Thyselves so that we can rejoice together


GET IN OUR CREW :iconswagplz:

why there is no ymirplz.... fml
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I didn't go on dA or tumblr or anything for a while because of personal reasons, it wasn't because of anyone, I just sometimes feel like I can't deal with this level of interaction where it feels like I'm doing performance art or getting in constant arguments or something.

Then I felt scared of coming back here because my messages fill up and I'm still really anxious about that to be honest.

Usually even if I don't feel like interacting with people, I'll still post on Twitter for reasons... but I doubt many people would want to follow me there because I'm an asshole and spend the other part of my time being shameless.…; seriously, it's just boring.  No one wants to read it.
Let it be known I do not approve of rape or sexual assault.  I do not find it sexually arousing and I do not write stories or draw pictures which are intended to imply that a rape has occurred or will occurred.  You've probably noticed that rape fic or images get me pissed off all the time and I won't allow them in my group.

OTOH if you want to assume that dubcon or seduction is sexual assault, that's your problem, either way you are not required to like it, but neither one are intended to be RAPE.  It kinda ruins a day when someone tells you that your dubcon/seduction story reads like rape.  Sorry about that.  I find it to be pretty important and it would make me upset if anyone would accuse me of such things.  If you can't handle the slightest intimation of role play or power play then you probably shouldn't look at my ero art, just saying, because I have no problem with s/m or role play situations (including age differences, mistress/servant situations, etc as long as they are not abusive)

also I've had a shitty week and I just can't deal with it rt now, I'm basically a failure at doing anything on time, living normally, getting sleep, or containing my rage and frustration.


EDIT sometimes I just think doing ero is a giant pain in the ass because someone is gonna get offended by something no matter what.  SOmetimes I'm too 'feminist' others I'm not 'feminist enough' or whatever. :iconimsotiredplz:  I don't like offending people, I really don't... so my existence is a total disaster lol
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