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Last time I was spending time here, it became unpleasant and stressful, but I didn't actually mean to avoid it for this long.

Sorry... I just got nervous when I thought about coming here and I haven't had much to post anyway.
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Maybe I should just stop commenting on other accounts if it's gonna end up in people publicly shit-talking me on the journals of my friends.
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I've been blogging that on my tumblr under "reading berserk" (assume it's full of spoilers and use your judgment)

The major takeaway?  I'm a LOT more jaded than I expected :/  Pixiv does that to a man woman

Haven't got to the trolls yet tho
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I just read a few yuri manga lately cos waifu recommended them:
Morning Glory and Kase-san is a cute high school yuri, I'm not sure what else to say about it. It's cute with the usual teenage angst about liking someone and so on, so if you like cute yuri you might like this.  A little bit heavy on the "BUT WE'RE BOTH GIRLS!!!!1" trope though, at some point I wanted her to get the fuck over the fact they were both girls and move on already.

Collectors is about adults who actually have jobs.  Shinobu is obsessed with books and Takako is obsessed with fashion, but they still have a lot in common in how they relate to their obsessions.  It's just a 4koma style manga about their daily lives and silly things that happen.  Nothing heavy, but nice art and it's good to read about adults.

Philosophia is also about adult women in university, their vaguely yuri relationship, and alienation from society/possibly from the self.  I think it's still ongoing and I liked it the best because I like this kind of character driven story.  Don't read expecting fluffiness or erotic content though.

Thinking about reading Berserk :/

I feel bad about not having much to say lately so I wanted to write something.  I'm sorry, I'm a jerk.  The last several months really drained the life out of me completely and I'm not sure how to start having a social life again... I feel pretty embarrassed and insecure about talking to people...

dumblr everyone hates my tumblr because I'm a jerk with bad opinions lol
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[6:01:43 PM] Maarika: wtf is Teresa doing there
[6:02:15 PM] Maarika: Teresa is hot
[6:02:26 PM] Eva st clare: haha
[6:02:39 PM] Eva st clare: thefuck
[6:02:56 PM] Eva st clare: why cant raki cry in front of clare
[6:03:01 PM] Maarika: woow
[6:03:02 PM] Eva st clare: whats wrong with her will she not let him cry
[6:03:13 PM] Maarika: no, he's a big man!
[6:03:22 PM] Eva st clare: -___-;; no hes not lol
[6:03:26 PM] Eva st clare: he's a sensitive little boy
[6:03:27 PM] Maarika: Clare is super mary sue now ccool
[6:03:51 PM] Eva st clare: really, Yagi?
[6:04:11 PM] Eva st clare: the strength of her utter boringness, you mean?
[6:04:11 PM] Maarika: "You're different from how you were back then" NO KIDDING
[6:04:48 PM] Eva st clare: yeah you had ap ersonality back then... for one
[6:05:16 PM] Eva st clare: a filthy smile covered in snot... it suits you lololol
[6:07:03 PM] Eva st clare: DIETRICH HEADSLAM
[6:07:11 PM] Eva st clare: is she going on a date with galatea
[6:07:17 PM] Eva st clare: fuc yea

[6:07:59 PM] Eva st clare: miria is taking tabi's sword
[6:08:07 PM] Eva st clare: thats great but SHE DIED FOR NO REASON GODDAMN
[6:08:12 PM] Eva st clare: fuc u miria
[6:08:20 PM] Eva st clare: you enabler
[6:08:28 PM] Maarika: OMG
[6:09:04 PM] Eva st clare: ru kidding whathfhffhskdlfhhfhf
[6:09:07 PM] Maarika: so Irene was just chilling in her hut for all those years
[6:09:07 PM] Maarika: wtf
[6:09:13 PM] Maarika: cool
[6:09:24 PM] Maarika: wow, I have no words
[6:10:18 PM] Maarika: it's over, yay? If only I cared
[6:10:52 PM] Maarika: disappointing really that Clare survived that mess, she didn't deserve it
[6:11:03 PM] Eva st clare: is that the fucking shit rafaela was telling her that we waited all ths time to hear??
[6:11:27 PM] Maarika: that Irene was alive??
[6:12:18 PM] Eva st clare: yeah
[6:12:24 PM] Eva st clare: or whatever the hell she was tlaking aobut
[6:14:04 PM] Eva st clare: but why does she deserve to suffer thru claki's boring ass idiocy
[6:14:11 PM] Eva st clare: and not even get to see teresa
[6:14:13 PM] Eva st clare: fuck this
[6:14:43 PM] Maarika: "HI IRENE let me tell you allllllll about the claki adventures also teresa is gone forever you just missed it sorry"
[6:15:19 PM] Eva st clare: oh it is on yagi
[6:16:13 PM] Maarika: I gotta say that was pretty stupidly written last 100 chapters
[6:16:35 PM] Eva st clare: it had its occasional good moments but they were ruined
[6:16:42 PM] Eva st clare: like the miata awakening was epic
[6:17:25 PM] Maarika: Irene became a hermit for a reason. She was 1000% done with everything
[6:18:15 PM] Eva st clare: the very definition of 800% done
[6:18:24 PM] Maarika: I dunno what happened between her and Rafaela
[6:18:33 PM] Eva st clare: holy shit
[6:20:42 PM] Maarika: I mean, after Yagi actually brought Teresa back, is that really a surprise?
[6:20:53 PM] Maarika: I just wonder why rafaela let her go?
[6:20:56 PM] Eva st clare: yeah not really
[6:20:59 PM] Eva st clare: SERIOUSLY

I told you years ago
everyone else died on panel...
motherufkcing IRENE
yet how can I celebrate this....???

i'm laughing but my heart is crying inside bc Yagi you destroyed Teresa and you destroyed Clare and you turned Tabi into a redshirt and you made everyone sacrifice this shit in vain
also wtf with Louvre at the end???
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I checked in again and the Prissy fight is STILL HAPPENING DEAR GOD WHY?

"Hi I'm Teresa, the author knows his MC has a void of personality and has been eating a bag of dicks for like 3 years now so I'll be your emotional surrogate for this chapter.  In that stead, allow me to inform you all that Clare actually DOES have emotions and care for her friends and shit but we coudln't bother to actually show that happening.  OK now that you care about Clare, forget about her boring ass and let me continue to be fucking awesome yay"
Raki: *duhh*
Every other character: *blatantly fangirling*
Cythiuma: *still adorbs and need to be saved at all cost*
Prissy: *is insane with Magical Hate Powers(tm)*  *now sprouting boobs from random places on her body*  RAWRRRRR KILL KILL ETC
Audience: :iconfascinatingplz:
Teresa: What?? 9000??? Oh well *shrug* I'm Teresa, bitch!
Teresa: *awakens*
(it's... underwhelming...)

me: :iconcryforeverplz: 
but dat monsters
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...then someone gets me talking about it and I realize I can't stop...

anyone else have series like that, lol?

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...that I watched the whole thing

posted the thoughts on tumblr since I can cut the spoiler content lol…

Did anyone watch this horrifying trainwreck?  can the writers ever be forgiven?
this is the first anime I have hate-watched and damn what can you even say about this

1. The ED's are ALL good. WHY???
2. (redacted) didn't die after all yay I guess...???
3. Ipad-sama has a great voice
I would laugh for a week month straight if Levi ate it.
Just imagine the shitstorm... fangirls wailing, littering the streets like so many tossed dolls, everything set on fire

...did I mention before that Levi is officially on my shit list... fuck that guy

If you didn't see the other thing I posted, apologies for not being here.  I haven't had anything to post and the last month hasn't been good to me for a few reasons.  And I don't usually check in here a lot if I haven't anything to show :/

***Aku no Hana manga ended and :iconmymindismadeoffuckplz:
***Akuma no Riddle is a bad anime and the creators should feel very bad
Boo hoo the end of an era is nigh, no more elitist moeblob porn or art instruction from rape fetishists  T_T  lol

this will make sense to a few of you, if it doesn't then don't worry about it, it isn't important at all
Congratulations Yagi, you've reduced good characters into mere mouthpieces to ineffectually justify the ship you forgot to develop.  No, I don't buy it any more now that you had TERESA say it.  (??????)

Yagi made the BEST character into a plot contrivance to ram the WORST ship down our throats.  STEW ON THAT FOR AWHILE.  Because the only way one could consider Claki 'well developed' or 'plausible' in the way we're apparently supposed to read it, is:

1. if one considers that Clare was already a straight-up pedophile and they had started having a relationship when he was ~13**
2. and then, that neither of them have developed as people in those 7-8 years apart so they had literaly nothing to catch up on, or get to know each other, or how their relationship would work, or anything...

**IIRC Clare's canon height is around 5'7.  Shota!Raki was a great deal smaller than her, he was at most a barely pubescent boy in the lower teens.  He's now taller than her as are most of the adult men we encounter in series that i remember, except for maybe that twink Cid.  (DISCLAIMER: I SERIOUSLY REALLY LIKE CID AND SHIP HIM WITH CLARICE LOL)

nope they just magically are married and its obvious to everyone because Yagi decided to make 3rd persons do the work he was too lazy for, by repeatedly making these little comments about how omg in luv! Clare and Raki OBVIOUSLY are despite the fact they dont even know each other anymore????  And despite the fact they basically have had no meaningful or substantial personal interactions since they were reunited????? :iconjackiechanfaceplz:  How long have the even been together, like a few days or a week at most in real time?

IN A NUTSHELL: Claki's ship doesn't even consist of their relationship.  It consists of other people mentioning their relationship.

Congratulations you turned a potentially pretty interesting character with interesting mental disturbances (PTSD, dissociative personality is likely, etc.) into a train wreck with absolutely no motivation and a mere plot device to engender the need for another plot device.  Then you turned TERESA into a plot device to counter your other plot device.

The only upside to this?  Now that Teresa is BACK (?), Cynthiuma and Heleneve are likely to survive.  And really, isn't that the only thing that matters anymore?  #OperationSaveMyBabbies2014
does it have to end this way


i don't know if I'm capable of wading through the wreckage of the new CM chapter, it might break me permanently…

I...what?  :iconyoumuwatplz:

this is officially the most calculated otaku shit I have ever seen and that includes KanColle

Kudos, developers... you accomplished a thing.
WHAT THE FUCK????????????????????????////////////////

I dont even........????

EXUSE ME>>>??!!

Bye Octavia you'll be missed just like every other epic character Yagi wasted in order to save his POS protagonist. :iconeyerollplz:

Byakuren have mercy on all our souls cos we're gonna need it :iconbyakurenplz:

At least I give Clare some credit here, she didn't let everyone else fuck off into traffic to save her useless ass while she sat around with Raki, she got her own ass back in gear even tho she is made of fail.  CYNTHIA DONT BE A HERO!   But this plot makes no goddamn sense :iconcryforeverplz:
oh my god I am gonna cry cos wat I dont even brain

I just

stop ruining my life Yagi, you monster

Why would Rafa even know this?  I dont get it...  explain plz did she communicate telepathically with *OMITTED* inside the blob or something, and Clare was too dumb to understand anything at the time?
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haven't had much time/energy lately.  WHen I have energy I might talk about SnK, Kill La Kill, GoT, and other stuff I am thinking about or watching lately, but my head is a complete blur.  I'm really sorry I have nothing useful to post here ATM i'm just reblogging old crap to my tumblr to make up for it >_<

tumblr is here in case you wondered, it sucks because I despise tumblr

Game of Thrones S4 is starting next week time to get hype~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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don't make me feel emotions and shit

NOT LIKE THIS :iconcryforeverplz:  GODDAMNIT!!!!11!!! Screw you Miria you deserved a fucking bigger punch than that!! OH GOD IT HURTS.

Ohhhh probably because you're a moron?  :iconmarisaohyouplz:  Whan have you ever used your head?

This bitch just wont fucking die, when she dies I will throw a party just like when Hysteria finally ate it.  Even if I have no investment left in this manga I want her to DIE PAINFULLY and stop being so DAMN BROKEN and ANNOYING and WASTING MY TIME. :iconfliptableplz:  EAT IT PRISSY.

And why... why is Isley teaching Raki how to kill Priscilla?  Why does he know this?  How many times did Isley even fight her, wasn't it only like that one time? 

Also: Armin with the false flag operations and Levi/Hanji in Geneva Convention violations lol
never have I been so tempted to delete something from a group
but that would be wrong or something according to my sense of logic and reason.
*cries*  I need an adult...  T_T  BBA have mercy on my weakened soul ಥ﹏ಥ

IDK though I think the only things I've deleted for serious 'moral' violations were possibly... I remember a fic that used adjectives like 'prepubescent' in an erotic scene and I deleted that for pedoshit, for obvious reasons.  Even if I find it gross I don't delete anything unless it's something across the board gross or illegal like rape or lolicon.  LOL why can't I be a horrible dictator, it would make life easy

P.S. in case someone takes this way too seriously, I am joking and I don't delete things for reasons of subjective personal squick.  But damn the squick is strong in this one.  I need a moment of brain bleach, brb
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I need to know if Yagi deigned to bait/throw a bone to yuri fans in any way shape or form.
If you're attracted to men, actively seek out men to date or fuck, fall in love with or have intimate relationship with men, you're not a lesbian.  Lesbian means something, get your own label.  I thought people only pulled this crap on tumblr but now its like, everywhere.  I can't deal with it anymore.